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A Little About Me

A dedicated, competent and somewhat unconventional professional with a background in Mechanical Engineering (BSc) and now... Full Stack Web Development!!!"

Born and raised in Trinidad & Tobago, I believe that learning is a life-long process and thus started my venture into programming and web development. Having dedicated several thousands of hours into learning this craft and building challenging projects... I must say that I really enjoy it! With my experience, I can build from simple websites to more complex web applications (e.g. E-commerce) end to end, from scratch. So what fuels my passion for this?

The freedom of creativity, designing and building amazing and useful products for people like you.
- My right brain

The constant learning and challenges, applying logic to solve unique and difficult problems.
- My left brain

Date-of-Birth: 26-Mar-1990


Things I enjoy: Gaming, tech, nature (hiking, the beach), psychology, travelling, learning new things, hanging out with friends...

Things I don't enjoy: Some of the things in nature, stagnation, blue screen of death 😢, good coffee (am I a real developer then?), bad coffee...

Traits: Hardworking, persistent, competent, patient, logical, empathetic, effective communicator, a critical thinker...

Skills: I possess a generally strong technical background with good programming fundamentals and experience in HTML, CSS, JS, MySQL, Node.js, Express.js and more...

My future plans: Currently improving my skills in Functional Programming, React.js and learning Next.js and React-Redux.js for a client project that I'm working on alongside other developers. Eventually would like to learn WordPress and PHP as necessary. Machine learning and A.I. is the future and is very interesting as well...

Interested in opportunities to work with you, so feel free to contact me!

Services I Can Offer You

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My Tools & Technologies

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- Next on the agenda to learn -

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Most importantly...will learn tools as needed!

My Work

- Client / Production projects -

(Once permission is granted of course)

More projects coming soon!

RCN Chemicals Limited

An E-Commerce production site designed in Figma and built using Next.js, React.js, Sass, Firebase, etc. Not yet complete!
Status: Work In Progress

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- Personal / Development projects -

Alien Mathvasion Game

This project was designed for children ages 8+ with the goal of making math fun and engaging. It was built from scratch without any frameworks, libraries or dependencies using OOP and SOC principles, and with the intention of making code DRY and easier to maintain. Utilizes heavy JavaScript and DOM manipulation. Uses promises instead of while loops to track progress. Visual design is based on retro arcade Shoot-em Up games. Good luck surviving the hardest difficulty!
Status: Work In Progress

Click to Play Now (expect audio - desktop version only!)
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Ready to promote your business online with a fast and well designed website?
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Don't hesitate to reach out to me, I'm always willing to help!”

Darnell Noel
Full Stack Web Developer
Trinidad & Tobago

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